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Play nice with others was one of our guiding principles during the design of ONE™ Mobile. We wanted to ensure that the right people had the right devices and ONE­™ Mobile could communicate with them all. We accomplished that by: integrating with radio and other communication products, focusing on Android, ensuring high quality audio, and giving the choice of on-premise or in the cloud. 

In communication, connectivity is paramount. So for ONE™ Mobile we made sure that everything talks to each other. It doesn’t matter if you have three people on the floor with radios, a manager with ONE™ Mobile hardware and software, a security team member with an Android tablet running the ONE™ mobile app, and someone in the back office with a PC – it all just works. 

Android is the most dominant mobile operating system so we made this OS our focus when developing the ONE™ Mobile application. This has driven us to partner with a leading android smartphone brand for our hardware, and also gives us the ability to run on other Android based devices. We have even included support for native features like multi-function buttons on other hardware. 

Making everything communicate together is only part of the puzzle. To be truly useful, it has to sound good. To that end, we have done considerable engineering and testing to guarantee that the audio between devices is high quality and balanced. This ensures everyone is intelligible and the same relative sound level no matter the device. 

Sometimes devices and people are not always in the same locale. ONE Mobile offers both an on-premise and cloud based deployment option. On-premise deployments are a great option when all of the teams are local and do not require two-way communications between sites. Cloud based deployments are best used to facilitate intersite two-way communications.  Cloud based deployments allow for communications between any site and any device to maximize connectivity. 

ONE™ Mobile’s focus on integrating various devices, developing on open platforms, ensuring high quality, and providing the right deployment options is more than just making good products – it’s making great connections and everyone a part of the team.