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Hardware is only half of the power of a smart device.

Great software is the other half and is where AWC has focused considerable effort. AWC’s ONE™ Mobile application is a powerful software tool for PTT, communication, and notification.  

ONE™ Mobile’s PTT feature is presented as a screen like a radio with various communication channels and a large Push-To-Talk button. There are no phone numbers to remember, no lists of contacts to search through, just a simple list of communication channels with features to show active speakers and prompts to facilitate smooth conversations. When used on AWC’s devices, the PTT feature also integrates seamlessly with the PTT sleeve so that you can use the simple hardware PTT buttons and radio headsets that your teams are already accustomed to.  

There are times when a quick text message is the best method for sharing information. The ONE Mobile chat feature does exactly that. The chat screen lists the same channels used for voice communication and displays the history of past chats.  Sending a message is as simple as tapping a channel and typing a message. The message is delivered to all channel participants and they can read it at their leisure.  

PTT and chat conversations are often centered around the activities of your business. The ONE Mobile application also contains an active alarm dashboard which displays active alerts within your organization from things like call buttons, door monitors, system integrations, and other devices. These alerts are displayed on the dashboard screen and made available for pickup by team members. One the team member has completed the work to handle a call, they mark the reason for completion. This reason for completion can be summarized in reports to gain insights into your business for better decision making. 

The ONE Mobile application is a powerful component of the Smart PTT platform and will help increase your team’s efficiency and throughput.