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The right device for the right job. Not every role requires a high-powered smart device to communicate and work, and not every job can be done with only a voice-based communication product like a two-way radio. At AWC, we have engineered our PTT ecosystem to make all devices work together – radio to radio, smart device to smart device, and smart device to radio.  

Smart-device-to-radio connections are accomplished using AWC’s PTT Radio Gateway. The gateway is a little box that creates big communication connections. On one side of the box is a connection to a two-way radio and on the other side of the box is a connection to a PTT server. These connections facilitate communication traffic between the PTT applications and two-way radios.  

So, if some of your team members are using radios and some are using Smart PTT devices they can easily communicate.  The radio user just selects a connected channel and speaks. The gateway works with the PTT Server to ferry communications back and forth so that the Smart PTT users hear all the expected radio messages and can communicate back just as easily. This works for a single site across one or more radio channels and can even be configured to connect smart devices and radios for cross-site communication to create even more connections between your teams and devices.  

Perhaps your needs are simpler. Maybe your teams work across two sites that are too distant from one another to bridge with standard radio communications. Maybe you have a facility with a radio in one city and a facility with a radio in another city but would like them to communicate. No problem. We can deploy a gateway-to-gateway solution to bridge the radios connections over an IP network that is fast and reliable without our PTT Server in the middle. It’s just that simple.  

Our gateway solutions help make the AWC PTT ecosystem a great place to communicate.