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Smart device technology changes and improves at an accelerating pace. While many of those changes are good and useful, the rapid rate of change of form and function can cause challenges in efficiency due to continuous training. It is important that we put these smart device enhancements to good use, but we also want to deliver a consistent usage experience to our customers. To make that happen, we developed the Smart PTT Sleeve.  

The Smart PTT Sleeve encapsulates a high-powered consumer smartphone just like a phone case and provides easy-to-use PTT features and accessories that will stay consistent over time. Its dual polymer design makes it rugged, durable, and pleasant to hold in the palm of your hand. When worn with a belt holster and used with the ONE™ Mobile application, it can bring many devices into one, and get rid of the utility belt effect.  

The sleeve also features an ergonomically placed PTT button to make it operate just like a two-way radio your team is already accustomed to. There are programmable function buttons for interaction with other features like ONE™ Sage virtual assistant.  

We have made audio a priority on the sleeve and made it compatible with the same high-quality headsets that connect to our AWR4000 radios. The sleeve also has a built-in microphone and powerful one watt speaker for loud and clear communications when a headset is not being used. 

Just like our radio products, the sleeve has been designed to drop-in charge in an AWC Charge-All cup. And because it is a Charge-All compatible product, you can charge it with other radios or scanning devices in the same charger. 

The sleeve’s simple PTT capability, effortless charging with our Charge-All platform, belt-clip wearability, and radio headset connectivity, and ruggedness will make it a valuable part of AWC’s ONE™ Mobile solution.