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The ONE Platform™ is a revolutionary, single source technology designed to enhance your multiple business communication and operational ecosystems. ONE™ accomplishes by creating a hardware and software platform on which an industry specific family of products has been developed. 

ONE™ products work side by side to create communication and operational efficiency solutions based on monitoring, notification, tasking, reporting, and communication. After a single product is installed, the base hardware for all other products is installed, so adding the next product is usually a simple remote task. 

ONE™ Mobile is a product in The ONE Platform™ family of products. As such, ONE™ Mobile is a conduit to get information into and out of other ONE™ products and can be used as part of an operational process.  For instance, you may have a call for assistance product of The One Platform™ installed at your facility (ONE™ Assist or ONE™ Call). When a button is pressed in the call solution, audio can be sent to a ONE™ Mobile communication channel and to a card to the ONE™ Mobile activation dashboard. A team member can accept the call from the ONE™ mobile application by interacting with the card. If during the call extra assistance is needed, the team member can use ONE™ Mobile’s application features to start workflows and request additional assistance. After the team member has responded they can note the reason for the call. This reason for the call and all response times are now logged and available for reporting and business intelligence. 

The ONE Platform™ family of products are updated consistently with new features and enhancements. Most of which are software based and can be delivered remotely via an automatic process. Any products installed on the ONE™ system, including ONE™ mobile, receive these features updates. 

With ONE™ Mobile and the power of The ONE Platform™ solutions your business can get more done with less hassle.